Friday, March 1, 2013

snake is kädye

kädye = snake (reptiles)
alternate spelling: kaedye

Some things Google found for "kädye":
Similar Kadye is a rare feminine first name. Similar Kadye is a rare last name that can be Zimbabwean.

My word definition should not be seen as a comment about people named Kadye. I have nothing against anyone named Kadye. This is merely a word in my made-up, conlang language. Kädye is a mix of letters from the Hungarian and Finnish words. Besides, my word has an "ä" in it and is pronounced like "KAH-djeh".

Word derivation for "snake" :
Hungarian = kígyó (which I transliterate to kídyó)
Finnish = käärme
Samgur = kädye

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