Tuesday, February 21, 2012

red is pash

pash = red (adjective) (color)

Some things Google found for "pash":
Pash is a last name. Pash was an Indian poet. Pash is a musical artist. In Australian and New Zealand slang pash means snog, make out, kiss. Pash means a passionate kiss. Pash (aka Pash-e and Bala Pash) is a place in Iran.

Word derivation for "red" :
Hungarian = piros and vörös (which I transliterate to pirosh and vörösh)
Finnish = punainen (note -inen is suffix for adjective)
Samgur = pash

Hungarian has two words for red.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

black is meset

meset = black (adjective) (color)

Some things Google found for "meset":
Meset is a rare last name. In Hungarian similar mesét is the accusative case form of the noun meaning tale, fable. Similar Mesut is a Turkish masculine first name.

Word derivation for "black" :
Hungarian = fekete
Finnish = musta
Samgur = meset

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

white is folar

folar = white (adjective) (color)

Some things Google found for "folar":
Folar is an unusual last name. Folar is a traditional Portuguese bread served at Passover and Easter.

Word derivation for "white" :
Hungarian = fehér
Finnish = valkoinen (note -inen is suffix for adjective)
Samgur = folar