Saturday, April 21, 2012

violet is lileti

lileti = violet (adjective) (color)

Some things Google found for "lileti":
Lileti is a rare last name. Lileti is a user name. Lileti is the name of a fishing vessel.

Word derivation for "violet" :
Hungarian = lila
Finnish = violetti
Samgur = lileti

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

gray is särme

särme = gray (adjective) (color)
alternate spelling: saerme

Some things Google found for "särme" and "sarme":
Särme and Sarme are unusual last names. In Finnish similar word särmä means edge. In Swedish similar word sämre means worse.

Word derivation for "gray" :
Hungarian = szürke (which I transliterate to sürke)
Finnish = harmaa (which I transliterate to harmá)
Samgur = särme

Making this word I changed a vowel, to maintain vocal harmony, from a to ä.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

brown is burkea

burkea = brown (adjective) (color)
alternate spelling: buhrkea

Some things Google found for "burkea":
Burkea is a genus of flowering plants. Burkea africana is a deciduous, medium-sized, flat-topped tree. Burkea Park Golf Estate in Pretoria, South Africa. Burkea is a rare last name.

Word derivation for "brown" :
Hungarian = barna
Finnish = ruskea
Samgur = burkea