Friday, March 21, 2014

flower is vikka

vikka = flower

Some things Google found for "vikka":
Vikka is a rare usually feminine first name. Vikka is a rare last name. Vikka is a Japanese fashion magazine. Vikka is the name of a TV station in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Vikka is the name of a place in Norway.

Word derivation for "flower" :
Hungarian = virág
Finnish = kukka
Samgur = vikka

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

tree is fú

fú = tree
alternate spelling: fu

Some things Google found for "fú" and "fu":
Fu is a Chinese last name and first name. Fú is a Chinese character and ideograph meaning good fortune or happiness. In Hungarian similar fű means grass.

Word derivation for "tree" :
Hungarian = fa
Finnish = puu (which I transliterate to pú)
Samgur = fú