Saturday, February 21, 2015

blood is véri

véri = blood
alternate spelling: vehri

Some things Google found for "véri":
Véri is an unusual last name that can be Hungarian. Joseph Alphonse de Véri was a 18th century French abbot. Véri is a rare feminine first name. In Venetian véri is the plural of glass.

Word derivation for "blood" :
Hungarian = vér
Finnish = veri
Samgur = véri

This is one of the few cases when the Hungarian and Finnish words are very similar.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

heart is sívän

sívän = heart
alternate spelling: seevaen

Some things Google found for "sivan":
Sivan is a month in the Jewish year. Sivan is an unusual unisex first name. Sivan is a unusual last name, notably actor and singer Troye Sivan. Sri Sivan Temple is a Hindu Shiva temple in Singapore. Sivan is the name of a place in Iran.

Word derivation for "heart" :
Hungarian = szív (which I transliterate to sív)
Finnish = sydän (which I transliterate to südän)
Samgur = sívän

Sunday, February 1, 2015

nose is nerr

nerr = nose

Some things Google found for "nerr":
Nerr is an unusual last name. Nerr is a rare masculine first name. Nerr is user names. NERR is an acronym for New England (Basketball) Recruiting Report. NERR is an acronym for National Estuarine Research Reserve. NERR is an acronym for Nashville and Eastern Railroad.

Word derivation for "nose" :
Hungarian = orr
Finnish = nenä
Samgur = nerr