Saturday, March 21, 2015

ear is kofü

kofü = ear
alternate spelling: kofew

Some things Google found for "kofü" and "kofu"
Kōfu is a city in Japan. Kofu is an unusual last name that can be Japanese. Kofü Ecodesign of Montreal, Canada sells upcycled jewellery.

Word derivation for "ear" :
Hungarian = fül
Finnish = korva
Samgur = kofü

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

tooth is fomas

fomas = tooth

Some things Google found for "fomas":
Fomas is a brand of bicycles in India. Fomas is an unusual to rare last name.

Word derivation for "tooth" :
Hungarian = fog
Finnish = hammas
Samgur = fomas

Sunday, March 1, 2015

mouth is sá

sá = mouth
alternate spelling: sah

Some things Google found for "sá":
Sá (and de Sá) is a Portuguese last name. In Faroese sá is conjugations of the verb síggja meaning to see. In Icelandic sá means that one, and also sá means to sow. In Irish sá means stab, thrust. Sá is the name of places in Portugal.

Word derivation for "mouth" :
Hungarian = száj (which I transliterate to sáj)
Finnish = suu (which I transliterate to sú)
Samgur = sá