Monday, April 21, 2014

sun is nari

nari = sun

Some things Google found for "nari":
Nari is a unusual last name. Nari is an unusual to uncommon first name. Nari is the name of two tropical cyclones. Nari (Naray) is a district in Afghanistan. Nari is the name of places in Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Cameroon, Mali, Mozambique, Peru and Turkey.

Word derivation for "sun" :
Hungarian = nap
Finnish = aurinko
Samgur = nari

Friday, April 11, 2014

moon is kúld

kúld = moon
alternate spelling: kuld

Some things Google found for "kuld":
Kuld is an unusual last name. Saku Kuld is an Estonian pale lager beer. In Estonian kuld means gold. In Danish kuld means litter (animals born in one birth). In Hungarian similar küld means send.

Word derivation for "moon" :
Hungarian = hold
Finnish = kuu (which I transliterate to kú)
Samgur = kúld