Saturday, May 11, 2013

ice is yäg

yäg = ice
alternate spelling: yaeg

Some things Google found for "yag":
Yag is an unusual last name. Yag is a rare first name. YAG is an acronym for yttrium aluminum garnet which is a synthetic material used in lasers. Yag is the name of a place in Russia.

Word derivation for "ice" :
Hungarian = jég (which I transliterate to yég)
Finnish = jää (which I transliterate to yää)
Samgur = yäg

The Hungarian and Finnish words are similar.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

water is vís

vís = water
alternate spelling: vees

Some things Google found for "vís" and "vis":
Vis is an uncommon last name that can be Dutch. In Icelandic vís means wise, certain. In Dutch and Afrikaans vis means fish. In French vis means screw (metal fastener). In Swedish vis means wise. Vis is a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea and the name of a town on that island.

Word derivation for "water" :
Hungarian = víz
Finnish = vesi
Samgur = vís

The Hungarian and Finnish words are quite similar here.