Sunday, July 21, 2013

mother is änai

änai = mother
alternate spelling: aenai

Some things Google found for "änai":
Anai is an unusual feminine first name. Anai is a rare last name that can be Japanese. ANAi Global Technologies of Ontario, Canada. Anai Pass in Algeria. Anai is the name of places in Pakistan and Nigeria.

Word derivation for "mother" :
Hungarian = anya
Finnish = äiti
Samgur = änai

Thursday, July 11, 2013

father is asa

asa = father

Some things Google found for "asa":
Asa is a uncommon first name that is generally masculine. ASA is an acronym for Amateur Softball Association. In Indonesian asa means hope. In Portuguese asa means wing. In Spanish asa means handle. In Turkish asa means scepter. Asa is the name of places in Nigeria, Iran, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Asa River in Japan and Kazakhstan.

Word derivation for "father" :
Hungarian = apa
Finnish = isä
Samgur = asa