Wednesday, August 21, 2013

son is fika

fika = son

Some things Google found for "fika":
In Swedish fika means "coffee break or a light meal or snack". FIKA is a cafe at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Fika Coffee House in Parker, Colorado. Fika Recordings is a diy indiepop cassette & vinyl record label based in London. In Esperanto fika can be a vulgar adjective. Fika is the name of a place in Nigeria.

Word derivation for "son" :
Hungarian = fiú
Finnish = poika
Samgur = fika

Sunday, August 11, 2013

daughter is tärny

tärny = daughter
alternate spelling: taerny

Some things Google found for "tarny":
Tarny Inc is a network consulting & training company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tarny is an unusual often feminine first name. Tarny is a rare last name. Tarny Wood Lane is a street in Independence, Virginia. Similar Tarnyy is the name of a place in Russia.

Word derivation for "daughter" :
Hungarian = lány
Finnish = tytär (which I transliterate to tütär)
Samgur = tärny